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Our Fishing Gear is expertly designed, made to last, and tested by some of the best in the world.

Duck Camp could just as easily be "trout camp" or "tarpon camp." Because the boat ramp offers the same encouragement and escape as the duck blind - moments of anticipation and reconnection with those we want to make memories with. Whether you're sight fishing for bull reds on the flats or on DIY-ing in Belize, our gear has been tested by some of the best guides and built with the same intention to keep you out there as long as possible. Put simply, we like fish too.

Duck Camp Fishing Guide: Nicky Mill

Nicky Mill: Shining A Light On The OG Generation

Our close friend Nicky Mill is living proof that the love for the outdoors can not only be inherited but expanded upon in new ways.

He learned everything there is to know about Tarpon from his unique upbringing and his outdoor pursuits could have easily stopped there. But that was just the start.

Not only does Nicky live and breathe the outdoors, he's carrying the torch from the previous generation with a lot of respect and class. Through his podcast Millhouse, he's shining a light on the OG generation of fly coastal fly anglers and, in doing so, providing the next generation with a whole lot of wisdom. This wisdom has charged his conservation efforts and unwavering participation with groups like Captains for Clean Water and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

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Embrace the Elements With Duck Camp Sun Protection

We know how harsh the sun can be. But it shouldn't stop you from staying for one more cast on the flats or keeping your eyes on the horizon in 100 degree weather.

At Duck Camp, we've got you covered with our tiered technical fabric options that will keep you guarded from the Sun and out on the river just a little bit longer.

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