Upland Wingshooting Vest

Upland Wingshooting Vest


Meticulous thoughtfulness and attention to detail paid off in this new addition to our upland offerings. Our vest features ample well-placed pockets, breathable mesh material and sculpted straps that won’t get in the way of your shooting. Your dogs will appreciate the double water bottle holsters and the way you feel in it.

• Large, Bellowed Shell Pockets
• Standard 2L Water Reservoir Compartment & Port
• Handwarmer Pockets
• Large Expandable Game Bag
• Durable Nylon with DWR Finish For Water Resistance 
  • 1. Large, Bellowed Shell Pockets
  • 2. Handwarmer Pockets
  • 3. Dog Water Holsters
  • 4. Sculpted Comfort Straps
  • 5. Ample Storage Compartment
  • 6. Large Expandable Game Bag
  • 7. Durable Nylon with DWR Finish
  • 8. Adjustable Hip Suspension Belt
  • 9. H20 Compatible - Standard 2L Water Reservoir Compartment and Port (Reservoir and Tube Not Included)

Customer Reviews

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John N.
Great upgrade

Needed a replacement from my traditional orange vest and glad I did. This vest is light and has alot of great storage compartments for shells, water bottles, snacks, etc.

Allen W.
Upland game vest

Adjusts easily and fits well. Relatively cool for early season upland hunts and hip belt supports weight well with 4 sharptail in the bag. She’ll loops hold shells securely without flaps for quick reload and extra shells can go in cargo pockets. Dual water bottle holders work well. Only modifications I would make is to have a car key clip on lanyard in one of the zippered hand warmer pockets.

Brandon B.
Great upland vest!

Awesome vest. Great price. High quality!

Upland Vest

I put this up against similar competitor vests, and this one came out on top. Simple and not over the top, but has enough room for what you need. Internal shell pockets are great, and can easily hold a box of shells each. The mesh pockets hold larger water bottles with easy, and the back zippered pocked stores a good sizes first aid kit without any issues. Waist strap helps to take the strain off your shoulders compared to a traditional vest. I am 6' 3", 180lbs and there is plenty of room for adjustment, but the straps are not so long that they get in the way after adjustments have been made. I used it recently to run my dog in some upland hunting competitions, which are a lot more fast paced than normal upland hunting. It performed well and was very functional during the events. Excited to put the vest to work for the remainder of the season, but so far, I am satisfied.

Kevin C.

Upland Wingshooting Vest

70% not 100% Sold on this purchase

Just finished a 7 mile hunt on South Dakota grasslands. This is a new purchase and first time using the upland vest. The good points are well built,plenty of pockets and water pouches for sports bottles or hiking style(shorter) quart bottles. The waist strap is long but not too long It's in your way. I like the padded shoulder straps, hardly know your carrying a box of shells and two quarts of water. Now the needs improvement and strictly my observation for my size and style of hunting. The hand warmer pockets are way to small, I wear a size large glove so not a huge hand. The shell pocket is again way too small which is part of the same pocket as the hand warmer pocket. The extra pocket with a velcro flap is also too small to grab anything out of once its in there without a bit of wrangling. I'm still trying to figure out the expandable game pocket? Is it the 4 inch piece of verticle 1/4 inch elastic? When i called and asked are there more than one size the gentleman said no one size fits all. Well I'm 5'11" 205 pounds 37" waist 39" around my stomach at the belly button. The vest starts out with the pockets at my side but as i walk they end up more to the rear and water bottles are not easily grabbed due to the overall one size fits all layout of the vest. The vest laid out flat on the floor measures 36" long, soo if your larger than me around the stomach you too will find it hard to put a bird in the back or grab a water bottle. Again this is my observation from one 65 degree day with my dog, I hope its helpful to research and development your on the right track just improve size of side pockets maybe call this one a medium add 2 inches for a large and 4 inches for an XL, Upper chest area could also be larger as this one cuts into arm pit area no matter the strap adjustments. My advice try it on, put shells in it , gloves and needed items in pockets multitool, dog brush, etc see how it works for you.

Riley W.
Upland Vest

Only had vest about a week but used it to shoot a few practice clay birds thrown thru the woods to simulate grouse htg. As advertised & I think I will love it. Only thing I would change would be to make the shell box pockets a little bigger so it would be easier & quicker to grab loose shells.

Tom U.
It's what I hoped it would be

I looked at a lot of strap vests before buying this one. I took it out on a dog training/hiking trip for a weekend and it performed like I hoped it would. Carried everything I needed for extended time in the field. Showed it to a friend and he may get one. Price was fair, delivery quick. Overall a good product.

Hannah B.
Upland wing shooting vest

Great quality. Fits perfect. The fact that it came in so fast is even better. Can’t wait to put it to good use.

Lynn H.

Wanted to order another item with vest but couldn’t add it on for some reason on websit