A Place and a Feeling

What began as a frustration with the quality and construction of hunting clothing quickly evolved into the development of a brand that seeks to understand the modern outdoorsman. We talk about Duck Camp, which is as much a place to go as it is a feeling.

From the moment we put a kennel in the back of the truck, check the weather, or sort through last year's shells, a feeling grows around that time in the wild. It doesn't matter if you get 80 days a season or 3, if you kill hundreds of birds or none, we all share the same feeling. And it isn't just the time in the field we crave; it's seeing family and friends. It's the first cold drink, it's the fire, it's the early start. It's the food, the dogs, the work. The cold, the rain, the wind, the retrieve. The stories, the laughs, the sounds that can only be heard in that special place. It's even the clean-up. The birds, the bunks, the bikes. Everything, until the locking up and leaving.

Duck Hunting Image

To improve your hunting season, we have created what we think is the modern hunting shirt for the modern hunter. After a 1.5 year intensive search, and touching and feeling thousands of fabrics, we have chosen performance materials that are soft and durable. You'll feel the difference in our LightweightMidweight, and Heavyweight Hunting Shirts. Along with our Merino wool base layers.

Tailored for the Bird Hunter

Bird hunters are a unique breed. While not opposed to sitting in a deer stand or glassing for sheep, we crave the camaraderie of a duck blind or the excitement of flushing a covey. We aren’t afraid to take 45-minute boat rides in freezing rain, or walk 10 miles behind a pointing dog; yet, we also long for a stiff drink and a nice meal back at the lodge, reminiscing on the day’s fast action. We prefer the action to be a little faster, the volume to be a little louder and the game to be a little smaller - but lots of it!

The fabric was the starting point, but not the only improvement we were hoping to make. Not only are we deeply against the use of polyester in performance clothing, which most hunting apparel brands use, but we also felt that the fit of the shirts we were buying was off. Hunters are some of the most active people out there, so why are all the clothes so baggy through the middle? Duck Camp has created a fit that we think is more in line with our target market of duck hunters, upland huntersturkey hunters, and dove hunters. It’s not a slim fit, but it is more tailored through the body. We hope this resonates with bird hunters, who spend a lot of time walking the woods, training their Duck Camp Dogs.

Duck Camp Dog

Why Duck Camp?

We are devoted to creating premium outdoor gear that will withstand the test of time out in the field, in the duck blind, or out on the town. We have designed our proprietary Duck Camp camouflage patterns to perform specifically for hunting ducks and birds. Our camo blends old school look and feel with new school technology. We have developed products that are tailored for you, whether you're waterfowl hunting in the early season down south or chasing upland birds in the late season up north.