Duck Camp Signature Camouflage Patterns

Our three signature camos are ready to accompany you on any pursuit. Developed and continually improved upon, you won't find more versatile patterns.

Wetland Camo

Our Wetland Camo was developed to conceal hunters in the tall reeds and wetlands that draw us in every duck season.

An updated take on the classic Duck Camo of the hunters that came before us, we've made it our own with refined colors and digital honeycomb breakup textures.

Duck Camp Wetland Camo is created to reduce bird flare off and blend into the blind. Perfect for Teal, Sandhill Crane, General duck, Goose and even Midwest Whitetail, Wetland Camo is a fan favorite.

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Woodland Camo

Our Woodland Camo is is inspired by old school patterns, but blends modern, technical features for maximum concealment in the tree canopy.

Seamlessly combining digital and non-digital styles of camouflage, our Woodland pattern was developed for a wide variety of pursuits such as Whitetail, Turkey, Elk, Bear and Moose.

Our Woodland Camo will be a crucial piece of your hunting gear - regardless of the season.

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Midland Camo

A camo as unique as the land it was created to mimic, our Midland Camo combines breakup textures and colors from the sagebrush of West Texas, Shrubs of the South Texas Plains, and stony hills of the Hill Country.

Duck Camp Midland Camo is suited to keep you concealed when vegetation is scarce.

For sportsman after Dove, Mule Deer, Elk, Texas Whitail and Axis, and even Turkey - our Midland Camo might be just the option for you.

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