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Here at Duck Camp we're all about bird hunting whether its duck, quail, pheasant, chukar, dove, or turkey. Our Wingshooter Shirts have you covered no matter what bird is currently in season. If you prefer solid or camouflage hunting shirts we have you covered. Shop by your favorite hunting season to find your perfect hunting shirt.

Shop Wingshooter Shirts By Season & Weight

Lightweight Wingshooter shirts are designed for hunting seasons where the temperatures are 70°F and above. These hunting shirts are breathable with back and underarm vents. The lightweight hunting shirts are ideal for hunting dove, turkey, quail, deer and duck. They also make a great overall shooting shirt for trap and skeet.

Midweight Wingshooter shirts were designed for ultimate comfort for when the temperature is 45 – 75°F. These versatile hunting shirts are perfect on their own or as part of your layering system. The midweight hunting shirts are designed for all-around hunting including duck, dove, deer, pheasant, chukar, or quail. They are stylish enough to wear out on the town.  

Heavyweight Wingshooters are the best shirt for the late hunting seasons and colder climates. The heavyweight hunting shirts are best for when temperatures are 25 - 50°F and can be used as part of your layering system. These super soft and durable shirts are designed for hunting deer, ducks, and all upland birds.

Duck Camp Camouflage Patterns

Find out the details around each proprietary camouflage pattern and determine what camo is right for you.

Early Season Wetland Camouflage

Early Season Wetland™
Camouflage Pattern

Early Season Woodland Camouflage

Early Season Woodland™
Camouflage Pattern

Late Season Wetland Camouflage

Late Season Wetland™
Camouflage Pattern

Late Season Woodland Camouflage

Late Season Woodland™
Camouflage Pattern