Duck Camp State of Mind

What began as a frustration with the quality and construction of hunting clothing quickly evolved into the development of a brand that seeks to understand the wingshooter. We talk about Duck Camp, which could just as easily be called “Fish Camp” or “Quail Ranch,” but it is as much a place to go as it is a feeling.

From the moment we put a kennel in the back of the truck, or check the weather, or sort through last year or last weekend's shells, a feeling grows around that time in the wild. It doesn't matter if you get 80 days a season or 3, if you kill hundreds of birds or none, we all share the same feeling. And it isn't just the time in the field we crave; it's seeing fathers, and sons, and brothers (both blood and built). It's the first cold drink, it's the fire, it's the early start. It's the food, the dogs, the work.  The cold, the rain, the wind, the retrieve. The stories, the laughs, the sounds that can only be heard in that special place. 

It's even the clean-up. The birds, the bunks, the bikes. Everything, until the locking up and leaving.

At Duck Camp we know the feeling and we want to help make your experience the best possible. We'll be recommending gear we love, from duck calls to lanyards. Shells you shoot and shells you wear. Eventually you'll see some of our own products that we are developing. We promise that everything we build or recommend will live up to your standard. Because in the end our standards for ourselves and for our gear are what makes us different from those who don't seek that place in the woods. A man and his word... his gear, and if he's lucky, his dog (we have a recommendation for that too).

Happy Hunting!
Duck Camp


Duck Camp Hunting Dog