Blue Crab Hat

Blue Crab Hat
Blue Crab Hat
Blue Crab Hat
Blue Crab Hat
Blue Crab Hat
  • Blue Crab Hat

Blue Crab Hat

A redfish snack. A delicious meal for us humans. A wondrous creature of the marsh. Even a blue crab’s scientific name implies they’re delicious: Callinectes sapidus translates to “savory beautiful swimmer.” This blue crab hat has a great pop of color and looks sharp whether you’re bouncing around town or out on the water. Snag a couple because your friends will definitely be looking to steal it. 

  • Embroidered blue crab on the front + Flying D logo on the side
  • Nylon fabric is sturdy for the outdoors
  • Pintail Brown color hat with teal accent rope 
  • Adjustable snapback 

Customer Reviews

Based on 352 reviews
Bradford M.
Nice hat

My head is huge and it JUST fits. Nice hat though and quick shipping.

Blake P.

Blue Crab Hat

Robert R.
3rd Coast Blues

Love this "crabby" cap! It reminds me of the thrills and heartache while fly fishing the costal bend area of Texas!

Cal W.
crab hat

love this crab hat

A Perfect Blend of Style and Function: Duck Camp's Blue Crab Hat

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring the Duck Camp Blue Crab Hat. This hat effortlessly combines breathability, lightweight construction, and exceptional design, making it a standout addition to my collection. It has quickly become one of my favorite accessories. One of the standout features of the Duck Camp Blue Crab Hat is its exceptional breathability. Constructed with high-quality materials, this hat allows optimal airflow, keeping my head cool and comfortable even on the warmest days. The strategically placed ventilation panels ensure that heat doesn't get trapped, making it ideal for outdoor adventures or simply enjoying a sunny day. The lightweight nature of the hat is another aspect that sets it apart. The use of premium, lightweight materials allows for effortless wear, ensuring that it never weighs me down during extended periods of use. Wearing this hat feels like a feather on my head, providing a pleasant wearing experience without discomfort. However, the true allure of the Duck Camp Blue Crab Hat lies in its stunning design. The captivating blue crab motif adds a coastal charm and sets it apart from conventional hats. The attention to detail in the embroidery is impeccable, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship. Additionally, the hat's design extends beyond aesthetics. The well-designed brim provides ample shade, shielding my face from the sun's rays without obstructing my vision. The adjustable strap at the back ensures a customized fit, allowing for a snug or relaxed feel, depending on personal preference.
As an avid outdoor enthusiast, the Duck Camp Blue Crab Hat perfectly complements my lifestyle. It offers the ideal balance of style and functionality, making it suitable for various activities such as fishing, hiking, or simply lounging by the beach. Its versatility makes it a reliable companion for any adventure, providing sun protection and a stylish statement. In conclusion, the Duck Camp Blue Crab Hat is a unique accessory that surpasses expectations. Its breathability, lightweight construction, and exquisite design make it a standout choice in my hat collection. Whether enjoying outdoor activities or running errands, this hat perfectly blends comfort, style, and functionality.
I wholeheartedly recommend the Duck Camp Blue Crab Hat to anyone seeking a top-tier headwear option. It's truly a gem among headwear options, and I'm proud to call it one of the best hats I own. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail. Embrace the coastal charm and elevate your style while enjoying this hat's comfort and functionality.

Rachel P.
Awesome hat!

Great hat all around! The colors are vibrant and exactly what you would expect upon purchase. Also the material is super lightweight and durable. Very well designed and executed piece will definitively buy again!

Jay S.
MD Blue Crab Hat

Fast shipping. Faster then projected.
Nice cap. Got a bunch of props!

Robert J.
Crab hat

Looks great! More crab gear please!

Timothy H.
Nice hat

Bought the hat to wear on a trip. Got several nice hat compliments from friends and strangers! Some knew about Duck Camp, others I informed them about. Will definitely look into getting more stuff

Katie M.
Love the hat!

Great hat! The embroidery is flawless and really well done. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.