Blue Winged Teal Hat

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Blue Winged Teal Hat


The Blue Winged Teal, for all intents and purposes, has its own season in some parts of the country (since we don't see many GWT until big duck season). It deserves to be celebrated because it's 15 glorious days in September when you get to feed the addiction. It's also incredibly fun to shoot and one of the best eating ducks you can bag. Bag one of these bad boys!

Blue Winged Teal Hat Features:

  • Embroidered Teal on front with plain back
  • Nylon
  • Black accent rope
  • Adjustable snapback 
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Fits perfect

    The perfect fit! Great designs and great product!

    Great Hat

    Perfect fit and cool design.

    Need more!

    These hats are simple and awesome, if they were just a tad bit cheeped I would love to buy 15 of them for my hunting crew. Or if you were to have a few more game birds on them one of each would be incredible! Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what the future hold for y’all.

    BlueWing Teal Cap

    Their depiction of the duck breeds is what drew me to buying a DuckCamp hat. Once in my possession, I first noticed beautiful embroidery... definitely a quality move. While the cap is nearly perfect, I will say that it is almost a little too snug for my rather large dome piece. I also was hoping the hat was constructed out of a little bit of a heavier almost canvas like material, as the front face of the hat above where the duck is located doesn't stand totally upright... Which in my opinion looks a little goofy while wearing it. Aside from changing the actual material of the hat, it could just be that a better backer is most likely needed inside the cap face to help support it. Those slight issue's aside, it is a very nice hat and the problems I'm having may only pertain to people with a larger head size due to our greater intellect/stupidity. Awesome company with even better artwork. Wood by agaaaaiiiiin.



    Men’s hat

    Amazing quality, amazing styles. Love everything about duck camp

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