Duck Camp Guides

At Duck Camp, we're fortunate enough to have been welcomed by hunting and fishing guides from all over the country. Guides are the life blood of our industry. They drive conservation efforts, mentor new outdoorsmen, deliver excellent experiences and put our gear to the test more than anyone else.

McKenna Hulslander: Chasing Pucks and West Slope Cutthroats

Hulslander grew up in Kalispell, Montana outside of Glacier National Park - a special (yet harsh) place that not too many can call home.

Her family and surroundings contributed to her determination and grit that not only led her to become a guide but a also semi-pro hockey player. For the past 5 years, she's been juggling both. Chasing pucks and west slope cutthroats (not a bad way to spend your days if you ask us). 

Ultimately, McKenna retains the right balance of determination, know-how and approachability to give her clients an authentic Western experience that goes well beyond fish and into education and conservation.  


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Putting Our Gear To The Test: Trent Whitesell

Guiding in West Texas is not for the faint of heart. But those aren't words we'd used to describe Trent Whitesell, our friend and head guide at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Far West Texas.

A Fort Davis native and son of a guide, he's carrying on the legacy in elite fashion. For over 200 days a year, he sets up his clients with unforgettable experiences, putting them on white tail, mule deer, elk and his favorite, Aoudad. 

We had the privilege of hunting with Trent last year while field testing gear and we couldn't be more proud to have him put our gear through the wringer.

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Nicky Mill: Shining A Light On The OG Generation

Our close friend Nicky Mill is living proof that the love for the outdoors can not only be inherited but expanded upon in new ways. 

He learned everything there is to know about Tarpon from his unique upbringing and his outdoor pursuits could have easily stopped there. But that was just the start. 

Over the years, he's applied his dedication and craft to become a trout guide in Colorado and an avid backcountry elk bowhunter. 

Not only does Nicky live and breathe the outdoors, he's carrying the torch from the previous generation with a lot of respect and class. Through his podcast Millhouse, he's shining a light on the OG generation of fly coastal fly anglers and, in doing so, providing the next generation with a whole lot of wisdom. This wisdom has charged his conservation efforts and unwavering participation with groups like Captains for Clean Water and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

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Turkey Hunting Obsessed: Kurt Obermeyer

Kurt Obermeyer is a long-time friend who lives and breathes hunting. There's really no other word to describe his approach other than a deep "obsession." 

Most conversations with him will find a way to get back to the subject of turkeys. And like many guides, he doesn't spend his time in the field for a paycheck but the pure thrill of putting someone on their first tom, evolving his craft, and planning out the next trip. His OnX maps with thousands of pins will testify to that.

When it's not turkey season, you can find him training his Wired Hair Griffon, managing his cattle herd with his wife and three kids. Or running Enabler, his high-end fabrication company.

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Meet Our Good Friend, Nate Wilson

Nate is a multidimensional character. If you know him, you love him. This ex-tattoo artist gets his clients on fish across the Devil's River, Lower Colorado River and Texas Coast and has become integral to our tight knit community.

When he's not guiding, you'll see him posted up at River & Ranch Provisions in Georgetown, TX, Archery Country and just about every single industry event around. If you do, say hey.

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