Lightweight Shirt - Long Sleeve - Midland

Midland Lightweight
  • Lightweight Camouflage Hunting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Lightweight Camouflage Hunting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Lightweight Hunting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Breathable Lightweight Camouflage Hunting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Lightweight Camouflage Hunting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Duck Camp Lightweight Hunting Shirt - Midland
  • Lightweight Breathable Hunting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Lightweight Shirt - Midland Clay Pigeon Button - Duck Camp Co
  • Lightweight Shirt - Midland Camouflage Pattern - Duck Camp Co
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  • Lightweight Shooting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Midland Lightweight Shirt - Field
  • Lightweight Breathable Dove Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
  • Lightweight Dove Hunting Shirt - Midland - Duck Camp Co
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Lightweight Shirt - Long Sleeve - Midland

Midland Lightweight
Size Guide

The Midland camo hunting shirt was designed out of a need for a brush country camouflage. The photorealistic patterns on the market didn’t quite conceal us in the unforgiving brush, so we created something better. Wear this camo for dove, quail, whitetail, hogs or any other game animals that frequent the thorny thickets, dead mesquite and underbrush.

Keep cool early in the season with our Lightweight long sleeve hunting shirt, which doesn’t stick to your skin like a Hefty bag. Indeed, this shirt is made with 100% Nylon Supplex, which provides durability and a soft hand-feel. Do yourself a favor: throw out your cheap, plastic feeling hunting shirt you bought at a big-box store and up your hunting game with a Duck Camp Wingshooter shirt in Midland camo.

Learn about our camouflage technology

Men's Lightweight Midland Camo Hunting Shirt Features:

  • 100% Nylon Supplex
  • Quick-drying
  • Fully breathable
  • UPF 40+
  • Back and under-arm venting
  • High-quality stitching and buttons
  • Buttoned-down collars
  • Hidden technical zipper pocket 
  • Roll up sleeve tab and button
  • Orange clay pigeon bottom button
  • Best brush country camo on the market!

Brush Country Camouflage

Duck Camp’s proprietary Midland camouflage was designed for those who hunt the brush country, sunflower fields, or mountainous terrain for game birds. The Midland camouflage shirt keeps you concealed in the thickets, yet is stylish enough to wear out to the local watering hole.

Breathable - Won’t Stick to You Like Your Polyester Hunting Shirt

The Lightweight Midland hunting shirt is designed for warm weather hunts. The 100% Nylon Supplex material allows the shirt to dry quickly and keep you cool. The back and under-arm vents allow ventilation and full range of motion when shouldering your shotgun.


The Midland Wingshooter shirt contains a roll up sleeve tab and button making it easy to roll up your sleeves to stay cooler in the afternoon and early evening hunts. Of course you can also keep the sleeves long for some added protection as you trudge through thorny terrain.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews
    Got 3 Duckcamps Love them all

    Great shirt camo is unique doubles as a short sleve lots of ventilation

    My new everyday field shirt - early September hunting is now a breeze!!

    Super breathable, lightweight material will allow my early season hunting to not be an effort to dodge the sun. The shirt is cut perfectly for the sizing, untucked or not. The wait on the return of the lightweights was well worth it!


    Bought this shirt for dove season. Delighted with it. I've hunted just about everything in North America, and own my share of hunting clothing by the very biggest names in the field - two of which rhyme with Silson and Fitka. This shirt is squarely in those outfits' class in terms of quality and design - but at a price Joe Sixpack can afford. Great job guys! Now, we need pants in the same material and camo pattern as the shirt.

    Really like the camo pattern

    Easy peasy. Now I have a new camo pattern before anyone else in my hunting club. Looking forward to opening day.

    Fine Quality

    Love the camo pattern, the workmanship. My only concern is that it doesn’t fit true to XL hunting shirts of other brands. It’s a little smaller, but wearable (I think).

    Best lightweight long-sleeve I will ever own

    I enjoy this shirt for its details, quality and construction, and I and get as many compliments from non-sportsmen as I do from hunters and anglers. I can't wait to wear it on Dove Opening Day and will keep it in rotation through the end of Duck season.

    Happy Birthday Dad

    I bought it as a birthday present for my dad, he likes to wear long sleeve for sun protection. He loves this style of shirt, he loves camouflage, it is perfect!

    Great design and quality

    It's the details that make this shirt great. 3 air gussets on the shoulders and back plus woven air holes in the arm pits. Material feels nice and soft right after the first wash. And I love the camo print. I'm glad someone has finally bothered to fully redesign a field shirt for the modern hunter!


    The lightweight midland shirt is both comfortable and versatile. While hunting Quial in the hot pan handle of Florida, I found that I not only rarely broke a bead of sweat but I was pleasantly flexible in the shirt. Its style of the camouflage was one of a new age pattern and which I was highly complimented. I have bought a handful of these shirts for my pals and I look forward to future purchases on other clothing styles from this professional as well as affordable company.


    Great shirt!

  • Wingshooter Long Sleeve Shirt Sizes

    What size long sleeve shirt should you order? Don't worry we made it easy for you. Order your typical hunting or fishing shirt size that you usually wear as our Wingshooter shirts generally run true to size for most people. Please note that our shirts are designed to be more of a tailored fit. Use the size guide below to determine the size that will work best for you. 

    Medium Large X-Large XX-Large XXX-Large
    Chest 36 - 38" 40 - 42" 44 - 46" 48 - 50" 52 - 54"
    Waist 31 - 33" 34 - 36" 38 - 40" 42 - 44" 46 - 48"
    Sleeve Length 34" 35" 36" 37" 38"


    Tall Size Guide

    Large Tall X-Large Tall XX-Large Tall XXX-Large Tall
    Chest 40 - 42" 44 - 46" 48 - 50" 52 - 54"
    Waist 34 - 36" 38 - 40" 42 - 44" 46 - 48"
    Sleeve Length 37 1/2" 38 1/2" 39" 40"
    Actual Shirt Length 33" 34 1/2" 35 1/2" 36 1/2"


    Tall Sizes - We recommend ordering a tall size for those 6' 1" or taller

    Deciding Between Sizes?  If you're deciding between sizes it's best to order up a size.

    Size Guide Details

  • Lightweight and Midweight Hunting Shirt Care Instructions

    Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing your hunting shirt. Tumble dry on low or line dry. Do not iron lightweight or midweight huntings shirts. 

    Give your Wingshooter shirt a wash before you wear it out in the field after you confirm sizing. They are starched/ironed before packaging so they feel a little stiff out of the bag. Your shirt will feel super soft once you wash it.