Heavyweight Shirt - Late Season Woodland

$99 $50
  • Heavyweight Shirt - Late Season Woodland

Heavyweight Shirt - Late Season Woodland

$99 $50
$99 $50

One of our favorite camouflage patterns of all time starts with "Bottom" and ends with "Land." We created our own version of it, including darker shades that are great for shadowing and mimicking tree bark in the late season. This Heavyweight Shirt is simply the best hunting shirt for flooded timber or any wooded environments when the vegetation and environmental colors have turned dark, gray and muted. Wear it for duck hunting, deer hunting, squirrel hunting, or any type of hunting in the trees. Featuring a Cotton Moleskin fabric that's extremely soft to the touch, this hunting shirt is as comfortable as it is durable. Wear it with your waders, vest, duck jacket and fleece neck gaiter for chilly mornings afield. 

Product Features: 

  • Moleskin Cotton fabric offers superior warmth for a hunting shirt 
  • Unique Late Season Woodland camouflage pattern that's perfect for wooded environments 
  • Orange clay pigeon button 
  • High quality construction and sturdy buttons 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Duck hunting shirt

Really well made. The zip pocket is too small for my iPhone. I am glad I bought it


Heavyweight Shirt - Late Season Woodland

Nice durable and comfortable short

The late season moleskin shirt is a great addition to my gear. Glad I bot it just in time for TN deer season.

Howdy Andy,

Glad to see that you're in the field putting our products to the test! If you have any feedback that would have gotten this product to 5 stars for you please let us know.

All the best,


Perfect Shirt!

This shirt is a great late fall early winter layer. I wore this in 30-40 degree weather with a light vest. Material is soft and feels great on. Movement is perfect and the shirt doesn’t bind anywhere. For the price this shirt is my favorite shirt and compares to shirts 2 to 3 times as much. Go get one of these shirts before they’re gone.

No Regrets

Took it out on my first hunt ever, wasn’t disappointed. It is definitely warm and works well at blocking wind. Feels sturdily constructed and I’m sure will last me a long time.

Waiting on the ducks

Duck season opens in a few days & the heavyweight shirt will be perfect for most mornings here in Louisiana, really like the longer tall version.

Great stitching, wrists are too tight

Overall, I want to say this shirt is dang near close to perfect. I am a stickler for the attention to the detail when it comes to quality, and I believe DuckCamp gets close to perfect. I had never purchased from DuckCamp before, but took a chance on this heavy weight shirt. The internal stitching is very clean and durable with a double stitch and the lines are clean and straight. I believe the size is accurate based on their size charts. I'm a 45 chest and the XL shirt fits me well, with enough room to wear an insulating layer if necessary. The one area where I feel it missed the mark, is that the taper from the elbow to the wrist is too extreme. It's cut is a bit relaxed but then drastically decreases to a rather tight cut at the wrist. My advice would be to add 1/2" - 3/4" to the wrist to more closely match the fit of the rest of the shirt.

Howdy Ryan,

Thank you for you detailed feedback, I am glad to see you like how the shirt fits for the most part. I will make sure to bring up the wrist opening issue with our product development team, if there is anything else I can help you with please don't hesitate to reach out.

All the best,


Heavyweight shirt

Very pleased with this shirt. I grew up hunting, wearing moleskin shirts but have not seen any quality ones lately. I like Duck Camp's design and quality. It brings a technical edge to my favorite type of shirt. The camp pattern is great and the softness of the material is perfect for Traditional Bowhunting. Great product!

Heavyweight shirt late season

Great shirt fits awesome. Haven’t had the chance to wear it yet. But I can tell it’s going to be a great product just from trying it on.

Great shirt but a little tight

Great camo, great weight! Extremely well made but the 2XL Tall is cut a little too tight in the mid-section. Needs to be a fuller cut. Got this on sale @50% and it’s a great deal. Hard to pay full price and I am glad that I got it at this price!