Vantage 3L Fleece Bib - Midland

Vantage 3L Fleece Bib - Midland

$299.00 $209.30

Ultra-quiet and warm, the Vantage 3L Fleece Bib was built for whitetail hunters who value stealth above all else. We reckon it is the most functional fleece bib in the market, with features comprising of quiet snap pockets, side zippers for easy on/off boots and tactical pockets to access your gear. Comfortable, durable and silent – they'll never hear you coming.

Ultra-Quiet Ultra-Quiet
Water-Resistant Water-Resistant
Windproof Windproof
Anti-Pilling Technology Anti-Pilling Technology


  • 100% Poly-Brushed Microfleece
  • Water & Wind Resistant 3-Layer Construction
  • Flexible Elastic Shoulders & Durable Pinch Buckles
  • Secure Rangefinder Pocket
  • Quiet Snap Buttons
  • Articulated Knees for Increased Mobility
  • Side Zippers for Easy On/Off Over Boots

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Dillon O.
Great Gear

Fits well, is warm for how light it is, pattern looks great. Looking forward to more from Duck Camp

Earl H.
Bow hunting

Quiet for bow hunting in ground blind, I am 6’4” 200lbs, the large tall fits with room for base layer, sweater.

Daniel B.

Vantage 3L Fleece Bib - Woodland

Ryan M.
Great Product!

Great people to work with and great product!


Awesome, constructed well, would recommend

Hisao O.

These are single handedly my favorite item of clothing I own. Fits just like a wader/bib would and plenty of ability to fit them for the occasion. I spend a good amount of time rowing a raft/drift boat and for fall/winter this is an absolute must. I often times find myself wearing it more casually, but the performance in the field is fantastic. 6’0 165 Medium

James H.
Great high tech outdoor gear

Shocked at the quality of my new bib overalls. They were expensive compared with regular commercial (“Uncle Jessie”) overalls. Turns out, they’re worth every dollar paid. Materials are latest technology. Sewing is mastercraft. Design takes all requirements into account.

In the olden days, these would be sold to Grandpappy’s sporting world by Abercrombie & Fitch.

Cotter C.

Vantage 3L Fleece Bib - Woodland

Eric S.
Clutch for Cold Fronts

Picked these up just before a cold front hit and I had a pheasant hunt planned. The weather was misty, windy, and cold (30’s). The bibs fit over my boots and other layers perfectly. Paired with my vantage jacket, I stayed warm and dry the entire day. Blown away by how well these stopped the wind and how dry the inside was after hours of walking through wet grass and being drizzled on. One of my favorite Duck Camp products.

Michael M.
Duck Camp has become my go-to!

I wore these during deer season. I only had to wear one pair of pants underneath and was perfectly warm. They don’t look like it, but they block the wind very well - super quiet too.

I recently bought another pair for my wife. We played in the snow with the kids. She was wearing ski-pants while I was wearing these bibs. At the end, she said that she wanted a pair since I was dry and warm while she was soaked.

I recommend these!