Crushable Flats Hat

Crushable Flats Hat


Finally a straw sun hat that can stand up to the rigors of travel and abuse - this crushable hat is your own little piece of all-day shade.

  • Crushable & Packable
  • Comfortable head band that wicks sweat
  • Chin strap keeps the hat secure and in place
  • Velcro attachment for a fly patch
  • Fabric Technology: 100% Palm (excluding trim)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Logan G.
Solid hat

Good build quality, wish the brim was a little more rigid.

Garth v.
Great hat, not completely " crushable"

I love the hat. It's soft, looks great, it's comfortable but it's not actually crushable. The brim is soft and able to bend but the rest of the hat is still firm. It's still kinda difficult to store. Understandable tho, if it was completely crushable, it wouldn't hold it's shape.

Great hat

I have a big head (7 5/8s fitted cap), and after consulting customer service about fit I was worried it wouldn't work for me. I ordered anyway and thankfully the hat fits snug but is not uncomfortable for all day wear. It looks great and does it's job well. Two complaints: the Velcro fly patch could be a little bigger. It works ok but would be a lot more convenient with more space to work with. Secondly, the hat is starting to fall apart in places after just a few days of hard wear. But it is a straw hat after all.

Matt M.
The color of Egypt

Fantastic hat, not too wide, not too narrow, but just right. Landscapes by day, fishes by afternoon.

Samuel F.
Great Hiking Hat

Not exactly my style but was looking for a good quality hat with full coverage for hiking days. Took it to the sunny trails and it worked and felt great! I love it.

Carl D.
My cool hat.

Awesome hat very comfortable in this Tampa heat covers up my face very well love the hat thank you very muchly

Dan H.

This hat is comfortable for hot and sunny days in the garden, backyard or out on the river. Looks good too!

Joshua W.

Best fishing hat ever!!! Fits perfectly, love the Velcro patch for flies! Make one in a lighter color and I’ll buy another!

Roy E.T.
Trout hat

Very comfortable with quality

tim k.
Duck Camp Hat

I not only bought one for myself but also for many of my friends that work outside in this Texas Heat . Being used by others with many various Jobs . One Wears it while working with her chickens and chucker pens while another enjoys wearing it while tending to her garden . I got mine to be worn while sipping on a adult beverage in the pool 👍🏻