Why Hunters are Flocking to this New Camo Shirt...

man holding shotgun wearing midland camo shirt

Duck Camp is built on one solid promise…to create apparel and gear that hunters can be proud to wear. We saw a gap in quality, affordable gear that wouldn’t fit like a trash bag or end up in a trash bag. Our flagship and debut product exemplifies this: It’s the Lightweight Hunting Shirt.

We drilled down a little deeper to understand why folks are loving the new hook and bullet clothing brand.

Reason #1: Fit

Unfortunately, many hunting shirts weren’t created with fit in mind. We believe that if you’re comfortable in the blind, you’ll be thinking about what really matters (the hunt). That’s why we created a design that fits like a glove, layers easily and will look nice in those post-hunt instagram shots.

Reason #2: Quality Construction

We use only the best nylon supplex fabric to create a shirt that breathes, stays dry and is lightweight yet durable. Many outdoor shirts can end up feeling like plastic after a while and stick to your skin after sweating. Ours only get better with time. We say they’re worn in, not out. 

Reason #3: Design

We wanted to give this shirt essential features made for hunters in warm climates. In terms of “cooling” design features, we created a vented mesh yolk on the back of the shirt and pass-through holes in the arm pits. Additionally, we added a hidden zipper pocket for valuables, your hunting licfont-size: 15px;text-align: center;ense or cell phone. Lastly, one of the more apparent features is our proprietary camo - available in three distinct patterns to fit the needs of your environment. This is a shirt that won’t stick out in the field or at the bar after the hunt.