Duck Camp Dog - Vinci


Vinci is a young female chocolate lab named after her owner Jordan Kutz’ shotgun. She is a duck dog by heart, but also works in the dove field. Living in Central Oklahoma, Vinci hunts all over the state and especially loves chasing down big Canadian geese in the fields. Jordan, a high school student, trains with Vinci whenever he gets the free time. Vinci loves to go after the rubber green head because it reminds her of her favorite bird to hunt: flooded timber Mallards. Vinci, Jordan’s first retriever, was going to be named Benelli all along. That changed, however, when Jordan picked up his puppy from a mother dog named Benelli, hence the name Vinci after the Benelli Super Vinci. That’s a darn good gun you got, and a damned good dog! Props to young Vinci, the Oklahoma chocolate! 

Vinci Hunting

Gender: Female
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Favorite Type of Hunting: Mallards
Hunting Location: Central Oklahoma
First Bird: Dove

Goose with owner
Vinci & Jordan