Hunting Shirts Tailored For You

Here at Duck Camp we want to make it easy for you to shop our Wingshooter shirts and select the best shirt for your hunting style. We have created icons representing the environment, temperature, and season for you to easily determine which shirt is best for you.  



We have specifically designed shirts for the Wetland hunting environment - marshes, estuaries, coastal prairies. Hunting shirts with the Wetland icon are the perfect shirt for this environment with a color blocking macro pattern and a hexagonal micro pattern that successfully breaks up your shape. Combine this with the weight of the shirt and hunting season to make the perfect wetland hunting shirt.
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Wetland Icon


Hunting in the flooded timber for Mallards or Wood Ducks or in the woods for Turkey and Deer? You'll want one of our Woodland camouflage hunting shirts. Shirts with this icon contain vertical lines to help you blend in with the surrounding trees and bark. Combine that with the weight of our shirt and the hunting season to get the ultimate Woodland hunting shirt.
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Woodland Icon


Harsh, unforgiving, thorny, cacti everywhere! The Midland icon represents brush country, that place that's usually abundant with wildlife and typically fruitful if you can blend in. Dove, Quail, Big Texas Whitetail, heck Big Horn Sheep, this will get you there.  P.S. Look closely in the pattern and you'll see a nod to the Duck Camp.
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Wetland Icon


This shirt was designed for those of you who, like us, hunt in warmer climates. Our Lightweight Wingshooter shirts are made from 100% Nylon Supplex. This is NOT the Hefty Bag you may have bought before that's 100% polyester and sticks to your back. These shirts are incredibly soft, quick-drying, breathable and feature underarm and back venting systems to keep you cool on those hot hunting days.
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Lightweight Temperature


Midweight Wingshooter shirts are the best hunting shirts for when the temperature is between 45 - 75 degrees. That time of year when it can be a little nippy in the morning but quickly warms up. These hunting shirts are made of 100% Nylon which retains the shape of the shirt and is breathable and faster drying than cotton.
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Midweight Temperature


Our Heavyweight Wingshooter shirt could maybe have been called a Shacket? Shirt + Jacket. 100% Cotton Moleskin, this shirt is super soft and warm. It is perfect for those days when you want to layer to stay longer. A base layer, a Heavyweight Wingshooter and a jacket, and you can stay out until those late flying Mallards finally decide to visit your pond.
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Heavyweight Temperature

Early Season

This is our Early Season icon, which essentially means pre-hard freeze. This will happen at different times depending on where you live (maybe never in Louisiana), but these shirts are ideal for hunting environments where the grasses and plants are still holding some green.

Early Season Icon

Late Season Tans/Browns

This color palette has been specifically chosen for those environments that have no canopy - marshes, agricultural fields, prairies. These places get direct sunlight and turn all variations of yellow and brown. Blending in here, where you can often be exposed, is key

Late Season Tan - Brown Icon

Late Season Grays

Unlike the wetland terrain, which turns different shades of brown in the later season, the timber area turns different shades of brown and gray. If you're hunting later in the season in wooded terrain, look for this icon. This late season icon goes with the Late Season Woodland Camouflage pattern and provides concealment in wooded environments once the trees have lost their leaves. 

Late Season Gray - Black Icon

Brown/Hunter Orange

If you hunt quail, pheasant, chukar or any other upland game bird, follow this icon to our Upland hunting shirt. This icon represents the pintail brown shirt with hunting orange accent color.

Upland Icon