Gender: Female
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Favorite Type of Hunting: Duck Hunting
Hunting Location: South Texas
First Bird: Blue Wing Teal

Millie is a gung-ho 5-year-old registered lab trained by Simply Southern Retrievers, which is based out of good 'ole South Texas. In the last four years Millie has hunted local saltwater bays full of Pintail and Redheads, fields and shorelines for Sandhill Cranes, ducks and geese in Northern Oklahoma and retrieved every puddle duck from South Texas to North Texas. She's also excelled in 100 degree dove fields and softly retrieved over 25 coveted North American Cinnamon Teal so they could find their place to shine on someone’s wall. Millie’s first duck was a beautiful blue winged teal that was harvested during the early teal season of 2016.

Millie has made some very long water based blind retrieves (200-300 yards) with help from her owner, Chris', hand commands. But her preferred time to shine is hunting in the brushy, thick, gator infested public lakes in South Texas. Millie has learned how to use her nose, physical strength, and brain to beat down the reeds, flooded mesquite, hydrilla, and every other thick water foliage to find downed birds. As any good retriever should be, Millie is steady, but anxious and driven to do her job to the utmost potential. 3 cheers for Millie!