Duck Camp Dog - Meauxgli


Boy oh Boy, have we got a Boykin for you! Introducing our first ever Boykin Spaniel Duck Camp Dog, Meauxgli! Meauxgli (pronounced Mowgli) is an eager retriever who loves picking up ducks, geese and dove. He hunts everywhere from the salty marshes of Southwest Louisiana’s gulf coast to the flooded timber of North Louisiana to the Hill Country in West Texas. A “gym rat” of sorts, Meauxgli trains every day with his hunting partner and owner, Cody, for at least 20 minutes – rain or shine. 

One time while out hunting, Cody shot what he thought was a Scaup right at shooting time. He sent Meauxgli out to pick up his first bird of the morning, but when Meauxgli got to the bird he started sniffing the bird and looking back at Cody. As a force fetch trained dog, Meauxgli is supposed to pick up anything and everything Cody sends him to. Cody was confused as to why Meauxgli refused to pick it up, so he walked out there to see the bird was actually a coot! Meauxgli had never seen a chicken-like bird in his life and wanted nothing to do with it, and his owner Cody’s anger quickly turned to laughter. We can’t blame you either, Meauxgli. Looks like you can stay choosy with your birds given the plenty you’re hunting… Cheers to Meauxgli, the Cajun Boykin!


Gender: Male
Breed: Boykin
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Hunting Location: Louisiana
First Bird: Blue Winged Teal

Duck Camp Dog - Meauxgli
Meauxgli Duck Camp Dog