Duck Camp Dog - Goose


It all started with Goose - the first ever Duck Camp Champ in the #DuckCampDog bracket for March Madness 2018. Goose is a versatile hunter; he hunts the swamps, sounds, rivers, creeks and fields of Eastern North Carolina for waterfowl, dove and pheasants. Goose comes to us via Blake Hobbs, but he really belongs to Olivia-Ryan, Blake’s 10-year-old daughter. In fact, the painting of Goose that they won in the contest hangs in her bedroom and she was quick to point out on social media that Goose is "HER" dog. He hates snakes and has been bitten 3 times trying to kill them, but is well-mannered both in the field and the house. That’s for sure… can’t say we’ve ever seen a retriever sitting still on a fallen tree like that. Three cheers for Goose Hobbs!

Goose Chocolate Lab

Gender: Male
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Hunting Location: Eastern North Carolina
First Bird: Wood Duck

Goose with owner
Goose Easter
Goose Beach