Duck Camp Dogs

Most hunting gear companies have a Pro-Staff these days. Field staff, Pro Guides, Ambassadors - whatever you want to call them - they all champion the brand. Well, we've decided to start our own program with the most important figures in the hunt: the Dogs. We are pleased to introduce our Duck Camp Dogs, an all-star lineup of hunters and huntresses that will outlast you (yeah, you) in the harshest of conditions and never leave your side.

These dogs, and their owners by proxy, will be our collaborators. We'll work together on special content, field testing new products, regional campaigns, events and special hunting trips. Oh, and the Duck Camp Dogs and their owners get a lifetime discount to our online store!

If your bird dog is interested in becoming a Duck Camp Dog, here's how you enter.

1) Post high quality photo(s) on social media with the hashtag #DuckCampDog AND tag @duckcampco

2) If you aren't on social media or you want to send any additional photos/info you can email us at

We will pick one new #DuckCampDog per month and reach out to the winners for more information. From there, we'll create the dog profile on our site.

Duck Dog - Stetson


Owner: Watson C.

Milly is the daughter of a duck hunting guide, so you can bet your boots she is getting on some birds. This spunky 11-month-old Black Lab loves to hunt ducks and pheasants in South Dakota with her Pops, Watson. Read More

Gender: Female
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Hunting Location: South Dakota & North Carolina
First Bird: Pintail 

Duck Dog - Stetson


Owner: Ruben F.

Rio ain't from the valley, but he's roamed plenty of Texas land. This American Brittany beauty lives in New Braunfels, TX, and loves to hunt quail in south Texas. At the age of 6-months-old, he pointed his first covey of wild birds with absolutely no training. Read More

Gender: Male
Breed: American Brittany
Favorite Type of Hunting: Quail
Hunting Location: Texas
First Bird: Bobwhite Quail

Duck Dog - Stetson


Owner: Stephen P

We should all start calling him the Golden Boy because this young Duck Camp Dog does it all! Meet Stetson, a driven Golden Retriever from North Dakota. Now just because he has his own Instagram account doesn’t mean he only hunts for show. Read More

Gender: Male
Breed: Golden Retriever
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl & Upland
Hunting Location: North Dakota
First Bird: Gadwall

Duck Dog - Meauxgli


Owner: Cody A.

Boy oh Boy, have we got a Boykin for you! Introducing our first ever Boykin Spaniel Duck Camp Dog, Meauxgli! Meauxgli (pronounced Mowgli) is an eager retriever who loves picking up ducks, geese and dove. Read More

Gender: Male
Breed: Boykin
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Hunting Location: Louisiana
First Bird: Blue Winged Teal

Duck Dog - Becker


Owner: Meg & Frank H. Jr.

Becker is here to tell you there aren’t just black, yellow and red labs that like to hunt. A Silver Lab, Becker is almost 4 years old and a bonafide hunter. Some dogs love hunt tests, some love hunting, and some love both. Becker loves hunting. Read More

Gender: Male
Breed: Silver Lab
Favorite Type of Hunting: Upland
Hunting Location: Texas Hill Country
First Bird: Pigeon

Duck Dog - Vinci


Owner: Jordan K.

Vinci is a young female chocolate lab named after her owner Jordan Kutz’ shotgun. She is a duck dog by heart, but also works in the dove field. Living in Central Oklahoma, Vinci hunts all over the state and especially loves chasing down big Canadian geese in the fields. Read More

Gender: Male
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Favorite Type of Hunting: Ducks
Hunting Location: Central Oklahoma
First Bird: Dove

Duck Dog - Huck


Owner: Sammie & Marshall S.

Huck is a gung-ho British lab from Dripping Springs, Texas. At a little over 1-year-old, Huck has one duck season under his belt and is anxiously awaiting the upcoming dove and waterfowl seasons. He hunts all over Texas and also has a place in Northern California. Read More 

Gender: Male
Breed: British Yellow Lab 
Favorite Type of Hunting: Ducks
Hunting Location: Texas & California
First Bird: Drake Gadwall

Duck Dog - Cabela


Owner: Adam P.

Cabela is a straight up waterfowl dog. And she’s damn good at it. Cabela mainly hunts the marshes and management areas in Western New York as well as the big water of Lake Ontario. Read More
Breed: Black Lab
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Hunting Location: Western New York
First Bird: Canadian Goose

Duck Dog - Woodford


Owner: Jake H. & Kathryn C.

Woodford is a 6-year-old Vizsla with a whole lot of spunk and personality. He lives in Colorado Springs, CO and is lucky enough to hunt in Montana, Kansas, South Dakota and Northeast Colorado. Read More
Breed: Vizla
Favorite Type of Hunting: Upland
Hunting Location: Colorado
First Bird: Pheasant

Duck Dog - Hatchet


Owner: Tanner D.

Hatchet is a seasoned veteran retriever from north Georgia. Hatchet travels the country hunting pheasant, quail, dove, geese and ducks. He says he doesn’t discriminate on what kind of bird to pick up. Read More
Breed: Yellow American Labrador
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Hunting Location: Georgia, South Dakota, Arkansas, etc.
First Bird: Canada Goose

Duck Dog - Deke


Owner: Sim & Jill W.

Deke, a German Shorthaired Pointer, is a versatile hunter from Baton Rouge, LA. 7-years-old, Deke now lives in Austin, TX, but hunts all over Texas and Louisiana.  Deke is a pointing dog and loves to hunt upland birds, but he also likes to pick up waterfowl. Read More 

Gender: Male
Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
Favorite Type of Hunting: Quail
Hunting Location: Louisiana & Texas
First Bird: Bobwhite Quail

Duck Dog - Milie


Owner: David C.

Millie is a well-mannered 5-year-old working English Springer Spaniel from Texas. She loves to hunt all kinds of birds, ranging from dove in October to ducks in November to snipe in December and Blue quail in February. Read More

Gender: Female
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Favorite Type of Hunting: Dove
Hunting Location: Texas
First Bird: Drake Pintail

Duck Dog - Goose


Owner: Blake & Olivia-Ryan H.

It all started with Goose - the first ever Duck Camp Champ in the #DuckCampDog bracket for March Madness 2018. Goose is a versatile hunter; he hunts the swamps, sounds, rivers, creeks and fields of Eastern North Carolina for waterfowl, dove and pheasants.  Read More

Gender: Male
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Favorite Type of Hunting: Waterfowl
Hunting Location: Eastern North Carolina
First Bird: Wood Duck