Leather Bird Strap

Leather Bird Strap


We couldn’t find a high quality bird strap that didn’t break the bank, so we created our own! Constructed with high quality leather and brass rings, this bird strap features 6 noose loops to carry your game birds out of the field. Big enough for ducks, geese or you can fit multiple birds per loop if you’re toting out smaller game birds like teal and dove. This bird strap has a soft suede underside for comfortable carry on your shoulder and is double stitched to last years. At $69, you can’t beat this leather 12-bird strap.

Product Features:

  • High quality leather and brass
  • Soft suede underside for comfortable carry
  • Embroidered Duck Camp logo
  • Holds 12 ducks or geese, and even more if smaller birds
  • Double stitched construction to stand up in the field for years

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Solid Leather Strap

Appears to be a solid carrying strap. Leather appears to be high quality. Love the look of it. Would definitely require some waterproofing throughout it's lifetime.

Connor R.
Quality product

This strap is super high quality, and I expect it to last for a long time. Much better than nylon versions that fray

Josh A.
Leather bird strap

Woot woot! Great quality product! Will definitely last for years to come

Philip Z.

I particularly like the loop mechanisms so that they do not come undone in the field. One of the frustrating things of lower quality lanyards is that they constantly come undone and you have to re-thread. High quality leather is an added bonus while in the field.

Ashton W.
Heirloom Strap

The quality of this bird strap is exceptional. Something that will likely be passed down to the next generation of hunters!

Philip P.
Highest quality

All of duck camp products that I have purchased is of the highest quality. I know some people are saying it's expensive, but you get what you pay for and I like stuff that you don't have to replace. There products are made good and will last. Thank you duck camp!!

James C.
Hope to fill soon!

I’ve seen several reviews calling the leather cheap, which isn’t the case. The leather is new and not broken in but is quality. The brass on it is is perfectly suited to the job this strap is designed for. The stitching is excellent and this will become an heirloom for my son as time goes on. I’m very happy with this strap and look forward to the many hunts that will give this strap the look and feel of a well worn piece of gear.

Daniel D.
Don't really know...

I can't really review this because the Bird Strap has been hanging out in Atlanta with the shipping company that DuckCamp uses. Maybe they're killing lots of birds there and needed my strap....

Jason H.
Bird Strap

Not bad for the price. Definitely needs a swivel snap to hang on a blind or so.


Thank you for the feedback, I will get with our product development team about your critiques. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

All the best,