Mesh Gear Tote - Medium - Charcoal/Coast Blue

Mesh Gear Tote - Medium	- Charcoal/Coast Blue
Mesh Gear Tote - Medium	- Charcoal/Coast Blue
Mesh Gear Tote - Medium	- Charcoal/Coast Blue
Mesh Gear Tote - Medium	- Charcoal/Coast Blue
Mesh Gear Tote - Medium	- Charcoal/Coast Blue
  • Mesh Gear Tote - Medium	- Charcoal/Coast Blue

Mesh Gear Tote - Medium - Charcoal/Coast Blue


There are plenty of totes out there. And most of them are decent at getting your gear to your destination. But we hadn’t found one that was good at getting all that gear back home, covered in mud or drenched in saltwater. So, we designed a new kind of tote – one that’s built for adventure, from start to finish. 

To create the perfect bag, we had to develop the perfect mesh material. The ultimate combo of durability and breathability, our breathable mesh provides the rugged structure you need to haul unwieldy loads, while offering unrivaled airflow. That means your damp towel won’t smell like a wet dog the next day. And when your adventure’s over, cleaning the bag is as easy as hosing it off. From blinds and boats to beaches and backyard swims, this tote will get you there and back, every time. 

Dimensions: 15.5in L: x 11in W x 13in H

Perfect For: (1) Pair of Waders, a jacket, Ammo Box and Lunch Box


• Heavy-duty, water-resistant mesh
• 38mm webbing for durability and easy cleaning
• Padded, over-engineered handles
• Zipped stash pockets for safety

Fabric Technology: 
Mesh: 100% polyester
Webbing: 100% Polypropylene
Lining Fabric: 100% Nylon with PU coating

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
shawn h.
Great bag

This is a must for summer pool/boating. I was looking for the waxed canvas kennel bag that was in production a couple years ago but was pleased with this bag. Wouldn’t mind the other bag back again.

Sam G.
Amazing Quality

I wish I would have purchased this sooner.

clay a.
Fishing cart bag

The bag is perfect for a surf fishing cart. Best bag I own

Greg S.

Great product

Mary C.C.
The only tote you need!

Whether you’re toting towels, sunscreen, and beach gear or decoys, bird vests and chaps, this bag is literally the lightest and yet durable for any needs. I am ordering more for gifts this holiday season.

You get what you pay for.

Amazing bag, feels like it's built for a lifetime of use. You really get you pay for here, it might seem like a pricey investment for a tote, but if you need something for wet rugged outdoor use.. you will buy once & cry once with this one.

Best bag for gear

I was really impressed by the thoughtful construction of this bag. The handle options are nice, buckles to hold the bag closed when needed, and the pockets and zipper pocket are all what make this a great mesh gear bag. Quality design and quality construction make this my go to wader bag for fishing. The medium size is perfect for boots, waders, water bottle and extras. Although now I also want the large size for other gear!

Kristi s.
Looks huge, is big

Unboxing my wife thought it was way too huge and did not like the camouflage. After using it the size is great. She still wants the blue but I am too lazy and prefer the camo anyways! Many people asking where I got it.

Chance H.
Hunting, fishing and beach bag!

Its the perfect outdoor bag you can wash it out in seconds. Going to use it opening weekend of dove season. I liked it so much i bought both sizes!

Corey R.
Best tote ever!

This thing is awesome! Lots of room for all your gear, zippered pockets for phone, keys, wallet, etc. The mesh makes it super easy to clean with just a rinse with the hose. Do yourself a favor and get one now!