Duck Camp, Premium Hunting Apparel Brand, Fills Gap in Market

Austin, TXAugust 1, 2018 – Hunting season is drawing near, and as hunters begin to sign their hunting leases and prep their gear, Duck Camp aims to provide them with a premium hunting shirt that provides performance in all the right places.

“Duck Camp is for the Wingshooter. Really, the brand is for every hunter, fisherman, cowboy, backwoodsman, mountain man, stump jumper, city slicker, roughneck, river rat and outdoorsman. But it’s especially for the Wingshooter,” Sim Whatley, Founder of Duck Camp, quipped. “For a year and half, we have worked tirelessly to create a brand and product that speaks to those who live for hunting season. We are happy to announce that the Opening Day for Duck Camp has arrived.”  

Shift in the Outdoor Apparel Industry

The modern hunter is misunderstood. It’s evident in how the hunting segment of the Outdoor Industry has been overlooked in favor of snow skiers, rock climbers and backpackers, who are catered to with cutting edge materials and craftsmanship in their products. Meanwhile, hunters seem to get second tier goods. 

“We were tired of buying shirts that were marketed as performance hunting shirts and getting ill-fitting, Hefty® bags in tired camouflage patterns”, Whatley explained. “I thought there must be a better shirt out there, but after buying every hunting shirt I could get my hands on, it was evident that if we wanted a quality shirt, we would have to make it ourselves.”

Duck Camp has created what they think is the modern hunting shirt for the modern hunter. After a 6-month intensive search and touching and feeling thousands of fabrics, they have chosen 100% Nylon Supplex for their Lightweight hunting shirts collection. “It is a fabric that has the feel of the softest cottons with all the perks of synthetic fibers; it’s fast drying, breathable and durable. We promise it will be your most comfortable, best performing hunting shirt,” says Whatley.

Tailored for the Bird Hunter

The fabric was the starting point, but not the only improvement Duck Camp was hoping to make. “Not only are we deeply against the use of polyester in performance clothing, which most hunting apparel brands use, but we also felt that the fit of the shirts we were buying was off. Hunters are some of the most active people out there, so why are all the clothes so baggy through the middle?” Duck Camp has created a fit that they say is more in line with their target audience. It’s not a slim fit, but it is more tailored through the body. They hope this resonates with bird hunters, who spend a lot of time walking the woods, training their dogs and living active lifestyles.

Wingshooters are a unique breed. While not opposed to sitting in a deer stand or glassing for sheep, they crave the camaraderie of a duck blind or the excitement of flushing a covey. They aren’t afraid to take 45-minute boat rides in freezing rain, or walk 10 miles behind a pointing dog, yet they also long for a stiff drink and a nice meal back at the lodge, reminiscing on the day’s fast action. They prefer the action to be a little faster, the volume to be a little louder and the game to be a little smaller - but lots of it!

Old School Style Camo Meets New School Technology

Duck Camp has created their own proprietary camouflage patterns that they think modern hunters will appreciate. There is an apparent shift in demand for more modern camouflages, away from pictures of sticks and leaves, and towards patterns that use the science of how animals see the world they live in. Thinking through the environments that wingshooters encounter, Duck Camp has come up with three signature patterns: Wetland, Midland and Woodland. Wetland was designed for coastal marshes and prairies, Midland for high desert and brush country, and Woodland for the forests and flooded timber. Additionally, Wetland and Woodland come in two variations - an Early Season and a Late Season - which allows hunters to match the right colors for the time of year that they are hunting.

There are only a handful of brands that are innovating in this space and bringing high-end quality clothing to hunters. First Lite and Sitka are at the forefront, yet these brands seem to be more focused on the Big Game hunting segment, with bird hunters being an afterthought. There isn’t a brand for the wingshooter that provides performance gear with a more classical style, until now.

Business Model

You won’t be seeing Duck Camp products in your nearby Big Box store. Duck Camp, like a lot of brands these days, has decided to sell their products directly to their customers. “We wanted to make the highest quality shirt we could make without making it the most expensive shirt you could buy,” explained Whatley. “By being Direct to Consumer, we don’t have to bake in a retail mark-up, which allows us to spend more money on premium fabrics to make the best hunting shirt on the market at a reasonable price.”