Spring Cleaning

The ‘18-’19 duck season has come to a close, and if yours was anything like mine, the close may be a relief as much as anything. To say this season was rough would be an understatement, but as every grisled waterfowler would be happy to point out, “that’s why they call it hunting, not killing!” As tempting as it would be to dump all my gear in a pile and crawl into my bed until early September, there’s still work to be done. 
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Be Prepared: a Duck Hunter's Checklist

Duck hunters, by all intents and purposes, are insane. 

That is to say, duck hunting is probably not the best choice for your good friend’s first hunting experience. For that, I might recommend trying a lackadaisical late summer dove shoot or an afternoon pursuing small game. These hunts are social, comfortable and low impact. 

Duck hunting on the other hand gets better as the weather gets worse. The colder, wetter and more miserable the hunter, the higher the likelihood for success.

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