Not Your Average Duck Popper

By Chad Rischar

January 3, 2019 -  Why do Jalapeños get all the love? Poblanos are far more flavorful and approachable for the collective non-game audience. Even if you appreciate the heat of jalapeños, I suspect Poblanos will become a crowd favorite. This recipe has an intense flavor chord, it’s appealing to the eyes, and it doesn’t overpower the heat palate.

Try out the marinade and grill the duck separate. Prepare the pepper skewers to accompany the grilled breasts. Serve over coconut infused Jasmine rice and garnish with cilantro, scallions, and drizzled sesame oil.  

Duck for Poppers


  • 3-4 duck breasts cut into 1.5” longitudinal strips marinated (see marinate ingredients below)
  • 6 medium-sized Poblano peppers
  • 1 jam up yellow bell pepper
  • 1 bunch of green onions
  • Fistful of olive oil cured cherry peppers
  • 1 bulb of garlic-preference for fire-roasted
  • Small tub of Chive and Onion cream cheese
  • The absolute best bacon slices you can procure
  • Soak mini bamboo skewers in advance of grilling

Marinade for Duck Breasts:

  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon/lime juice
  • 1/2 cup quality soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup Teriyaki sauce
  • 3 Tbsp fresh grated ginger root
  • 3 Tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 Tbsp pure sesame oil
  • Sprinkling of coriander, Thai basil, sea salt, and cracked pepper

Soak the duck breasts in the marinate for a minimum of 12 hours in the fridge.  


  • Slice Poblanos in half and remove seeds
  • Slice bell peppers into segments accordingly
  • Spray the peppers completely in Canola oil
  • Lightly fill the Poblano cavities with chive and onion cream cheese
  • Build the filling with duck breasts, sliced green onion, roasted garlic and cherry peppers
  • Wrap the peppers tightly in bacon and use the bamboo skewers to maintain the "sandwich effect". The filling should not escape during the grilling process.
  • Properly sprinkle with cracked pepper and sea salt- waterfowl loves salt.  

Duck Poppers - Veggies


  • Cook on hot coals above 400 degrees

The most important goal is to properly sear the bacon wrapping and prevent the duck breasts from reaching above medium rare. This can be accomplished by grilling using the searing and low coal sections of the grill. Sear gently on both sides and move the Poblano poppers after a few minutes to the low fire section for the grill is key.  

DON'T overcook the interior duck breasts or you’ll be doing a lot of heavy chewing!

Duck Poppers - Grilled
Garnish and Final Plating:

  • Drizzle pure oil over Poblano poppers
  • Fresh cracked peppercorns
  • Finely chopped cilantro and garlic chives
  • Next level…. toasted sesame seeds and gently toasted coconut flakes

What I truly enjoy about this recipe is the unfolding of flavor as the knife transects the final product. The cream cheese binds the flavors together and adds smoothness to the crunch. The Poblanos and bell peppers keep the package together, but add color and flavor accordingly. The final package is appealing to folks, even folks reticent to partake in waterfowl dishes. The balance of the interior is the final impact. Medium rare duck breast with a defined flavor chord, simply an intense, non-traditional reach of waterfowl flavor. Don’t believe me, try it on for size and report back.


Holly Hooper

Meals like this have been saving my hide this summer with baseball every night! Love the addition of the beans! Pinned :) Holly Hooper

Holly Hooper
Jayme Silvestri

This chicken looks so beautifully succulent and flavourful, and coriander and lime is such a great flavour combination. Love your suggestion for turning this into a salad to. Yum! Jayme Silvestri

Jayme Silvestri
Ashley Jones

Making an unstuffed version of this. Instead of stuffing jumbo shells with the hamburger mixture I have mixed the hamburger mixture with small shells and covered with the pasta sauce and cheese. hope it turns out good Thanks CrazyAsk

Ashley Jones
Kelly Hubbard

A friend of mine buys chicken kotlets from a Persian store in LA area and she says they are amazing. Will share your recipe with her. Although your recipe is with turkey, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to be able to make it herself. Thanks for the recipe 🙂Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard
 Harold Burton

I’ve been doing this for years too! Only I started because we raise our own beef and so I have a freezer full of frozen hamburger. Because I always forget to take it out in time to thaw, and I hate microwaving hamburger, I started cooking it in water (my sister’s recommendation). Now it’s the ONLY way I make it since it also takes away the grease. I just boil it until it’s mostly done, drain the water, and finish browning it in the pot. I add the seasonings during the last step. Works Harold Burton

Harold Burton

hot damn that looks good


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