Minnesota Camp

By Jill Z

June 22, 2018 - The Texas heat was just starting to consistently hit 90 degrees, while up in Minnesota the ice had finally melted off the lakes and the water temperatures were rising, so my husband and I headed up North to do some fishing with my parents.

Minnesota Fishing Trip

We headed up to one of the 10,000 lakes (we wondered if anyone has ever visited all 10,000 Minnesota lakes?) and stopped by the local bait shop in town to get our fishing licenses and to find out what, if anything, was biting. We found out that fishing had been “slow” which is not what we were hoping to hear, given how far we had traveled. However, anytime you can be in the great outdoors is a good day.

MN Boating

The first day we had some gusty winds to contend with which made fishing from the boat difficult. We still had some fun fishing off the dock and “feeding” the smaller baitfish. Finally, the winds calmed and the temperatures warmed up making for some great days out on the water.

Fishing Pole

Day two, we had just started trolling a new spot when my line went tight. I thought I was stuck on the rocky bottom again. However, I quickly realized that my line was moving and I had hooked a big fish. After having my drag go out several times and slowing bringing in my line, the fish finally came up from the bottom through the clear water for us to see it. A northern pike decided my lure was tasty enough to bite on, but he didn’t want to come out of the cool water without a fight. The fish was finally close enough for us to net and bring into the boat to measure. Just my luck, the biggest fish that we had caught so far was one we had to release back due to the new fishing regulations. It’s always gut-wrenching when you catch a decent sized one, but you’re unable to keep it!

During the trip, we landed several other keeper northern, walleyes, and even a big bullhead, which I hadn’t seen caught since my teenage years. Of course, my mom caught the biggest Walleye after we had already headed back to Texas. We did catch enough fish for a family fish fry, which is a family tradition anytime we are on a fishing trip.

Fish Fry

Spring fishing trips in the Northwoods not only allow for catching some nice fish, but also watching the baby geese learn to swim. The geese provided endless entertainment out on the water and during sunsets, as did the loons that were fishing alongside us. We even spotted a bald eagle soaring above us. These birds help define a true Minnesota experience.

Minnesota Lune

Minnesota Sunset

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