Duck Camp to Disrupt Multi-Billion Dollar Apparel Industry with Breakthrough Zero-Weight Garment

Zero Weight

By J.C. Butler



Marsh Country, LA -- Every year hunting apparel companies spend millions on R&D to continue innovating their fabrics to become lighter weight and more breathable.  It’s what you might call a race to zero, but, so long as apparel remains fabric-based, the zero they are chasing is simply unattainable.  All of that changed, however, when the executives at Duck Camp asked themselves the simple question that no other outdoor apparel company had yet dared to ask:  Is it necessary for apparel to be fabric-based?

The answer to that question - which was ‘no’ by the way - set Duck Camp on a path that eventually lead to their Zero-Weight™ apparel line, which is now poised to turn this multi-billion-dollar industry on its head.

“As soon as we freed ourselves from the fabric-paradigm, we realized that liquid-adhesion garments [commonly referred to as body-paint] provide so many more opportunities for innovation than their now-antiquated cloth forbearers,” extolled James Elledge, Duck Camp’s Sales and Marketing chief.  “Customers have been on this journey to find garments that come closer and closer to resembling the sensation of wearing nothing.  With our Zero-Weight™ liquid-adhesion garments, we are the first apparel company to give the customer what they are really seeking...nothing.”

Duck Camp’s Zero-Weight™ products are easy to apply yourself at home, or around the campfire with buddies who can get to those hard to reach places.  They come in a wide variety of colors ranging from green, to brown, and, soon to be released, light-brown.  Don’t let the name fool you, however, Zero-Weight™ apparel is more than just your run of the mill liquid-adhesive garment you might find being worn by a 300 pounder at an SEC football game.  This product is packed with technological innovation never thought possible in the fabric-based garments of yesteryear.

“We said to ourselves, ‘There’s so much cool technology out there, like deodorant, flypaper, and paint.  What if we could combine all of that cutting-edge innovation into one high performance fabric-less garment?’ So that’s what we did,” recounts Jill Zeimann, Duck Camp’s Head of Product and Innovation.

Zero-Weight™ uses advanced Pore Clogging Technology (PCT) to inhibit your body’s natural perspiration mechanisms and keep those vital toxins in your bloodstream where they belong.  It also acts as insect bait and ultra-strong adhesive so you can clear the area of all airborne creatures, whether you’re trying to eat them, or they’re trying to eat you.

“I love that I can now leave my deodorant at home!  Zero-Weight keeps me 100% dry under my arms, under my man-boobs, and even under my back flaps!” said one 5-star review on Duck Camp’s website left by user @bbqforbrkfst.

“When I came home from my hunt, my wife thought I was wearing a gorilla suit.  It turns out it was just a few thousand dead flies and mosquitos stuck to my skin.  I think she thought it was pretty cool,” another customer, @chuckb, recounts in his praise for the new product.

Besides stopping perspiration and insects, the product comes in two scents to ensure your position isn’t given away if you get caught downwind - Summer Swamp and all-new Bayou Blast.  “When my husband would put this stuff on he’d smell like a rotten f***ing bog, not to mention the thousands of dead bugs stuck to his skin.  It was disgusting.  Thanks Duck Camp,” writes another satisfied customer, @exwifeofchuck, expressing gratitude for the product’s efficacy.

Zero-Weight’s™ biggest fan, however, isn’t just a Duck Camp customer; he’s their very own CEO & Founder, Sim Whatley.  “One of the true testaments to the quality of this product,” explains Whatley, “is its durability.  From the moment you apply Zero-Weight™,  it will stay on, come hell or high water, until you take a long shower.  I’ve had this one here on for five days, and I still smell as much like our patent pending Summer Swamp scent as I did when it was first applied.”  Marshall Coover, Duck Camp’s Head of Operations, nodded in agreement.  As usual around here, the boss is right…or shall we say ripe

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