Duck Camp Releases Bluebonnet Camouflage

By Duck Camp

April 1, 2019 - To hunt like a predator, you've got to look like a predator. That's why we developed our most stealthy camouflage pattern yet. Introducing Bluebonnet Breakup, a springtime wildflower camouflage that will keep you concealed as you're stalking those wary turkeys.

Bluebonnet Buff

After years of meticulous product development and many arduous hours of field testing, we have dialed-in the perfect pattern of bustling blues to help you trick those keen-eyed thunder chickens. This year marks one of the biggest bluebonnet blooms in Texas history, and that means you'll need the most effective wildflower camo on the market to ensure a successful hunt. 

Duck Camp Bluebonnet Camo

Bluebonnet Breakup available in Lightweight Wingshooter Shirt ($79), Midweight Wingshooter Shirt ($89) and Buff ($25). Don't delay - get yours today: Bluebonnet Camouflage



I seriously want this for a wrap for my midnight edition Tahoe. I have been searching for something and that is perfect.


I was actually really looking forward to purchasing this pattern, I think it looks real neat and stands out as a “Texas kinda thing”. Shame thats its “sold out”haha


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