10 Reasons Why the Hooksetter is the World's Best Fishing Shirt

The best products are those you don’t really have to think about. Whether it’s a pocket knife or your truck, you don’t want to spend all of your time thinking about how it works. You just want it to work. That’s why we’re so proud of our Hooksetter Fishing Shirts. It’s an intentional, yet simple product designed to be the world’s best fishing shirt.

But, that doesn’t mean developing it was easy. As Woody Guthrie once said, “Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” And our genius is Amy Wismar, Head of Product at Duck Camp. She was integral in designing our Hooksetter Shirts from start to finish, always keeping the angler in mind:

“We thought through everything from the perspective of an angler, making sure design features were at the right placement for easy access while holding a rod or other gear,” Amy says. “We also put the design into practice, revising things like pocket sizes on our first prototypes until we got it right.”

Amy’s tireless work resulted in what we believe to be the world’s best fishing shirt. Our Hooksetter Shirts have everything you’d want as an angler, and nothing you don’t. But enough talk—we figured we’d take this opportunity to show you. Here are 10 reasons why our Hooksetter Shirt is a better option on the water.



1) Breathable Fabric

For the most part, fishing is a warm-weather sport. And nothing spoils the fun faster than a sweat-soaked, sticky shirt. We used breathable Nylon Supplex Fabric in our shirts to make them breathable in even the hottest temperatures, ensuring air can get in and out so you can keep casting.



2) Moisture-Wicking

Speaking of Nylon Supplex, this magical material excels at drawing moisture away from your skin. This means our Hooksetter Shirts can make the most of their breathable construction and ensure sweat dries quickly or you can bounce back after that afternoon rainstorm.



3) UPF40+ Sun Protection

Whether you’re fishing the flats for bonefish or casting to trout on a small stream, fishing is notorious for putting you at the mercy of the sun. With the weave of our Hooksetter Shirts, we found the perfect balance of breathability and sun protection, offering a 40+ UPF rating without any added chemicals. 

“With 40+ UPF from the weave of the fabric (and no added chemicals), a mesh vented bi-swing design at the back shoulders to keep body temperatures cool, and the easy-to-access pocket and gear features, we think this is the ultimate fishing shirt in both form and function for a full day on the water.”



4) The Perfect Pockets

Our Hooksetter pockets are a thing of beauty. Amy and her team designed them with water in mind, each able to drain quickly to keep your stuff dry. Also, we tested sizes rigorously to make sure they’re the perfect size. The two front pockets are big, but not too big, able to carry a phone or small fly box without looking too baggy or weighing you down.



5) Magnetic Closures and Secure Zippers

To round out the perfect pocket, we included a magnetic closure on the left breast pocket for easy access. No more need to fiddle with a button on the river for your split shot; just pop it open and go. Or, if you need a bit more security, stow your necessities in one of two streamlined zipper pockets.



6) Bi-Swing Ventilation

We’re proud of our bi-wing ventilation systems for two reasons. First, it makes the shirt even more breathable and gives a great range of motion for long casts. Second, unlike some other fishing shirts on the market, it’s sleek and streamlined so you don’t look like you’re about to parasail off the front of the boat.



7) Forcep Holder

We incorporated a small, but strong rubber clip on the front of the shirt for your forceps. To the untrained eye, it just looks like a small design accent. To you, it’s a quick way to get to your tools without them falling out of your pocket and into the water.



8) Sunglass Cleaner

It’s all fun and games until someone gets sunscreen on your sunglasses. That’s why we integrated a microfiber sunglasses cloth on the bottom hem of the shirt, so you can clean your shades before you spook that school of bonefish.


9) A Superior Fit

Anglers come in all shapes and sizes, but for some reason, most fishing shirts are designed like they could double as a tent. We designed our Hooksetter Shirts to give you the room where you need it without a boxy look. They have a full fit in the shoulders and an athletic fit in the body for a more modern look.



10) Built to Fish, Or Not

We’d all love to be on the water every day, but we also live in reality. There are meetings to attend. Birthday parties to crash. You know, life stuff. That’s why we designed our Hooksetter Shirts to look great whether you’re at the river or in an endless staff meeting. You can be ready to fish at a moment’s notice—just add water.

With the help of creative designers like Amy, we’re proud to say we’ve developed the world’s best fishing shirt. But, like we said, the beauty of our Hooksetter Shirts is that you don’t need to think about it. All of these features are designed to be there when you need them and blend in when you don’t. All you need to do is focus on the next cast.

Be sure to check out our full line of Hooksetter Shirts, in both plaid and solid colors, as well as long-sleeve and short-sleeve options. Plus, take advantage of our Hookup Bundle and get 15% off of your order when you buy two or more Hooksetter Shirts. 

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